A little about us


Who are we ? What are we ? And what do we do ?      

Access, sharing, anonymity and individual rights these are iron elements that we advocate. 

Accessibility - in a world where globalization grows day by day, we give the best means and tools that will facilitate and improve our access to the content and bring it to us among ourselves in the best possible way.

.Sharing - in a world where everything runs and happens fast to us to take care of delivering content as fast as possible

Anonymity and the rights of the individual - in a world where everything is hacked and tracked and picked up the individual has become commonplace for us to  take care of reliable information security

.It is these three elements that unite us together with Telegram

.The identity between the elements made us develop a search engine that contains countless information from across Telegram

.The information we have IS groups of channels and bots that in search of them would not be found elsewhere

.Our system scans over Telegram and updates at any given moment content Fed to the search engine after smart filtering

.The entered information is tagged by search words and sorted by languages

(IxGram is present in the google Play Store and is currently usable for Android and PC users. (Below will also be for Ios

.The uploaded content is on a variety of topics ranging from refurbished Real Estate News TV to 18+ Music Resort and more

!Begin now to surf across Telegram and discover a world you've never known before